About OTA

Colby Knepp, Owner and Head Coach

Colby opened the doors to Olde Town Athlete in January of 2022 following a ten-year career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in Arvada. He’s supported by his wife Ashley, and their two sons: Hayes and Sam. Colby is a big fan of lifting weights (duh), training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the occasional Moscow Mule.

Rob Kirby, Design Coach

Rob graduated from Western Kentucky University with an interdisciplinary degree focusing on health science. He also received a minor in nutrition. Health and nutrition are pivotal when it comes to performance. This has given Rob a better
outlook on how to enhance an individual’s quality of living in and out of the gym.

3 Reasons to Work With Us

VIP EXPERIENCE: Have you ever joined a new gym, excited and ready to change, only to get lost in the shuffle? Yeah, us too. We’ve found that having personal guidance and accountability leads to better results that are easy to maintain through the rhythm of real life.
DEEP HEALTH FOCUSED: You know that true health and longevity go deeper than dropping a few pounds with a quick fix program. Working with us, you’ll develop a well-rounded approach to fitness and nutrition with a major focus on sustainability and longevity.
STRATEGIES FOR REAL LIFE: Kids. Last-minute meetings. Holidays. Travel. Life has a funny way of derailing us. Working with us, you’ll develop a better sense of your priorities while also learning how to stay consistent even through the most stressful times.

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