About OTA

Colby Knepp, Owner and Head Coach

Colby opened the doors to Olde Town Athlete in January of 2022 following a ten-year career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in Arvada. He’s supported by his wife Ashley, and their two sons: Hayes and Sam. Colby is a big fan of lifting weights (duh), training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the occasional Moscow Mule.

Rob Kirby, Design Coach

Rob graduated from Western Kentucky University with an interdisciplinary degree focusing on health science. He also received a minor in nutrition. Health and nutrition are pivotal when it comes to performance. This has given Rob a better outlook on how to enhance an individual’s quality of living in and out of the gym.

Dillon Brewer, Design Coach

Dillon graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Exercise Science along with completing his CSCS qualification. As a lifelong athlete, Dillon wanted to stay connected to an active lifestyle and finds fulfillment through coaching. When he’s not on the floor at OTA, Dillon is a connoisseur of tasty metal licks, chunky bass, and heavy drums.

Megan Marcum, Nutrition Coach PN1

Between getting hit by a truck while on foot (feel free to ask me about it), years of undiagnosed chronic anemia, and all the changes that come with having a baby—especially one with food allergies, I had a lot of motivation to become more knowledgeable about how what we eat affects our bodies.

My bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and years of experience in the food service industry gave me a lot of experience with food preparation, but it wasn’t until I got my PN 1 certification that I started putting all the pieces together for how to make healthy eating a more intuitive part of my life.

I love using that knowledge to help all kinds of people reach their goals, but I especially love breaking through all the emotions and stigmas so many of us have attached to our eating habits. In short, I love helping people build a better relationship with themselves through food.

Tia Vohsman, Client Success Manager & PN2

Tia has been in the health and fitness space for 7 years and has used that time to define what really matters to her: helping others succeed. With her knowledge and dedication, she has helped numerous individuals achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lifestyles. In her free time, you can usually catch her at a concert or cuddling her cat. Tia is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach.

Shannon Eaton, Design Coach

Shannon, a NASM-certified trainer, former OTA intern, and lifelong athlete is passionate about health and fitness. Her journey from stealing bases to hurdling hurdles ignited her desire to help others achieve their best selves and conquer their fitness goals. Today, she’s a dedicated coach who can be found hiking, weightlifting, or running stairs at Red Rocks. Her greatest joy is seeing her son smile while enjoying activities like arcade games, trampoline parks, or playground fun.

Jordan Afraimi, Floor Coach

Jordan Afraimi started his fitness journey at the age of 14 after attending the CrossFit games as a spectator. His passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals has grown ever since. In 2023 Jordan graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science from Regis University and is a former OTA intern. He plans to enter Regis’ Physical Therapy School in Fall of 2024.



3 Reasons to Work With Us

CLEAN FACILITIES: Get your sweat on in a super clean spot. Our place is top-notch when it comes to hygiene, making sure your workouts are fresh and enjoyable. 1 shower on site.
SMALL CLASSES: With just six in a class, you'll enjoy a tight-knit crew and personalized attention for a vibe that really hits the mark.
PERSONALIZED & PAIN-FREE: Strength gains, minus the strain. Our coaches write workouts that are personalized and pain-free, so you can feel strong and move well.

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