How Devon Lost Nearly 30 Pounds Working With Olde Town Athlete in Arvada

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Meet Devon Schulte

At 39 years old, Devon Schulte is a lifelong restaurant and food industry worker who was formerly dedicated to CrossFit training for the five years prior to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Devon’s story with Olde Town Athlete is an exemplary case study because her journey over the last year is extremely relatable to others who have similar weight loss goals and lifestyle challenges.

Devon’s Backstory

Devon had worked largely on her feet as a bartender and in kitchens as a cook, but when the pandemic hit, she transitioned to a desk job and soon found herself putting on weight.

Plainly speaking, her eating habits weren’t the healthiest, and sitting at a desk all day instead of standing and moving around wasn’t doing her any favors. Her body was changing, and her old clothes were suddenly not fitting her like they used to. She felt self-conscious about her body and her image.

Devon wanted to address these changes and take concrete action, so her old CrossFit coach, Trish, referred her to Olde Town Athlete, a personal training gym in Arvada. What Devon was seeking was a personalized program that could offer her the plan, support, accountability, and motivation she needed to lose weight and maintain it.

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Devon Schulte is a member of Olde Town Athlete, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching in Arvada, Colorado. This is how she lost nearly 30 pounds through a personalized coaching program at OTA.

Challenges & Motivation

For Devon, her challenges were two-fold. First, she needed to establish a fitness routine that she could build the rest of her life schedule around. She quickly found that participating in small group strength classes that started at 5:30 a.m. each morning could be the perfect fit to build the rest of her day.

Devon uses the OTA client app to plan her classes three weeks in advance, so her schedule is very regular and predictable. This has allowed her to become one of the most consistent clients at Olde Town Athlete.

Devon’s other big challenge had to do with food. Working in the restaurant industry, she was constantly exposed to the temptations of fried foods, huge quantities of appetizers, pizzas, alcohol, etc. Although she knew generally that these were issues, they were a “back-of-mind” concern that she had never really focused on too much.

Did Personal Training Help Devon?

Working with Coach Colby Knepp at the Olde Town Athlete gym in Arvada, Devon took up resistance training and learned better methods of strength training. She was incredibly consistent, and she followed through on 97% (228 out of 235) of her prescribed workouts. Devon and Colby agreed to utilize a digital diet assistant called Renaissance Periodization (RP) to give her accurate meal timing, amounts, and planning.

The RP app, combined with Colby’s coaching, taught Devon the “right way” to eat fat and protein and what times of day are optimal for her to consume which of each. The app helps Devon measure her macronutrient intake, and she’s now more aware of her appetite, her hunger and fullness signals, and how these interact with her fitness routines. She’s able to keep a healthy kitchen at home, and she now knows which restaurants around her have good options for meals.

Over the course of 12 months, Devon lost weight in two spurts or “cuts” — the first lasted three months and ended in June 2022, wherein she lost 20 pounds. Devon wanted to follow up quickly after this to lose more weight, but Coach Colby encouraged her to have more patience and build muscle in the interim. During this time, Devon continued to slim down. Starting in January 2023, Devon lost a further five pounds in eight weeks, for a total of 28 pounds lost in less than a year, but really mostly in 20 weeks if you count just the “cut” times.

Devon’s transformation is interesting to take note of because she clearly separated the fitness and diet components from each other and approached the former component first, adding the diet component after she had established a regular fitness routine. This is a key strategy that the coaches at Olde Town Athlete teach their clients.

Looking Ahead

As a result of engaging with Olde Town Athlete, Devon was able to adopt an effective and consistent fitness regimen and learn beneficial and healthy eating habits. She now brings her own meals to the office instead of indulging in less-than-healthy options at lunch or for snacks.

By doing so, Devon was able to lose a significant amount of weight and maintain a fitness program that’s given her more muscle and has made her feel better about herself. She’s seen satisfying changes in her body and has received positive attention from her family and friends.

“I like the person [the Olde Town Athlete program] has made me,” Schulte says. “The feedback is really nice; I get a lot of ‘you look great’ from my family and my social circle, which is awesome… it makes me feel really good; it makes the rest of my life a little easier. I sleep really well, which had been a struggle for me before I started working out… I feel a bit of accomplishment, and I really love shopping for clothes now. I just feel better than I did before. Instead of going out for pizza and drinks like I did before, I like taking the dog for a walk. There are other things I feel better doing now.”


Devon’s transformative journey is not only inspiring to others; it’s a very realistic example of the type of results that are possible when someone follows the customized programs that Olde Town Athlete creates for its clients.

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