What Our Gym Offers


Personal Training

Personal training is the most effective way to improve your fitness and body composition in the shortest amount of time. Training by appointment, you’ll follow a personalized plan & nutrition strategies that fit into the context of your life. Learn about your body and stay motivated with personal guidance & accountability from a professional, full-time coaching staff.


Small Group Personal Training

Follow your strength program in a small group environment under the guidance of a coach. Each class includes a general warm-up, mobility, movement prep, and ample time for strength training & accessory work. Attendance is limited to 6 slots.


Remote Coaching

Don’t live near OTA, but still wanna experience the magic of working with a professional coach? Our remote coaching program might be a good solution for you – includes initial and ongoing consultations, personalized program design and lifestyle/nutrition consulting.


Nutrition Coaching

If you’ve struggled to consistently eat healthier in the past, or you’re just keen to have some extra accountability and guidance look no further than out 1:1 nutrition coaching programs.

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