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Step 1
Book your free No Sweat Intro

This 30-minute consultation is not a workout just a face to face chat to learn about you, your goals, and how you want training to improve your life.

Step 1

No-Sweat Intro

Start your journey by booking your free 30-minute no sweat intro. We’ll connect in-person at the gym or via Zoom (your choice!) to chat about where you are, where you want to go, and how to best bring that outcome into reality.

Step 2
Craft a personalized plan with your coach

We’ll prescribe a perfect fit solution based on your needs, function, budget, and availability.

Step 2


You’ll continue the journey with a 3-session assessment period where we’ll get a baseline understanding of your body composition, movement, lifestyle, and overall level of fitness.

Step 3
Start training and see results

Show up for training, implement lifestyle changes, and feel great.

Step 3

Train with Colby*

Train by appointment with Colby as he guides you through a personalized training plan. Continued support for nutrition and lifestyle coaching is included with every personal training program.

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