How Blair Found Strength and Community at Olde Town Athlete in Arvada

Blair Troester’s fitness story is a compelling testament to the power of personalized fitness programs. Her journey from a casual gym-goer to a mainstay in the morning classes at Olde Town Athlete in Arvada encapsulates a story of personal growth, community support, and athletic achievement.

Meet Blair

In high school, Blair was an enthusiastic participant in sports, but her connection to structured physical activity dwindled after graduation. As the years passed, she maintained a fluctuating relationship with fitness, experimenting with different gyms and workout regimes. Initially drawn to cardio as a means to manage weight, Blair’s fitness journey was par for the course: filled with ups and downs as she navigated the vast world of exercise options.

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Her workout routine evolved over the years, from lengthy cardio sessions to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It was not until seven years ago that Blair discovered her passion for strength training—a pivotal moment that reshaped her understanding of fitness. Strength training not only enhanced her physical capability but also instilled a sense of confidence and well-being that permeated all areas of her life.

Finding Her Tribe at Olde Town Athlete

The turning point in Blair’s fitness journey came when she found Olde Town Athlete, a local personal training gym known for its small group vibes, community-focused approach, and expert fitness coaches. The atmosphere at Olde Town Athlete was different from any other gym she had visited. It was a place where trainers and members alike celebrated each individual’s successes, and where everyone was motivated by a collective enjoyment of physical expression.

Small Group, Personalized Program

At Olde Town Athlete, Blair was not just another member; she was part of a fitness family. The trainers at OTA tailored a workout regimen that suited her unique needs. This personalized approach was a game-changer for Blair. Under the guidance of Colby Knepp, a respected personal trainer in Arvada, her workout plan was meticulously crafted to challenge her limits while ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Overcoming Challenges

Blair’s journey was not without its challenges. Despite her renewed dedication, she occasionally struggled with motivation and fear of injury. The COVID-19 pandemic also posed a significant hurdle, disrupting her routine and forcing her to adapt to home workouts. However, these challenges only strengthened her resolve and deepened her commitment to her fitness goals.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Adjustments

Parallel to her physical training, Blair made significant changes to her diet and lifestyle. With guidance from Olde Town Athlete’s coaching staff, she shifted from a restrictive dieting mindset to a more balanced and sustainable approach to eating. This shift was crucial in supporting her strenuous training regimen and overall health.

Initially, Blair faced common misconceptions about dieting, such as extreme calorie restrictions and categorizing foods as strictly good or bad. This approach often led to cycles of yo-yo dieting, which not only hampered her physical performance but also affected her mental well-being. The nutritional guidance at Olde Town Athlete helped Blair to see food as a source of energy and nourishment. The emphasis was on understanding macronutrients and how to balance carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to support her training regimen and overall health goals.

In addition to dietary changes, Blair’s lifestyle adjustments included improving her sleep hygiene and stress management techniques. Poor sleep quality had been a significant barrier, affecting her energy levels and decision-making around food. With guidance from her coach, Blair implemented routines that promoted better sleep, such as establishing a regular bedtime, reducing screen time before bed, and creating a calming pre-sleep routine. Managing stress through regular mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques also played a vital role in her overall wellness. These practices helped minimize emotional eating and made her more resilient to daily stressors.

Client Success

Over the course of her training at Olde Town Athlete, Blair achieved remarkable physical transformations. She not only regained the athletic prowess of her youth but also built a physique that was stronger and more resilient than ever before. Her success was not measured merely in pounds or inches lost but in the enhanced quality of life and the joy of achieving her fitness goals.

Community Impact

The community aspect of Olde Town Athlete was instrumental in Blair’s success. The encouragement and support she received from fellow members and coaches fueled her motivation and made her fitness journey enjoyable and fulfilling. This sense of community is a cornerstone of Olde Town Athlete’s philosophy, making it more than just a gym—it’s a place where lasting friendships are formed, and lives are transformed.

Future Goals and Sustainability

Looking forward, Blair continues to set new fitness goals and challenges for herself, supported by the robust foundation she has built at Olde Town Athlete. Whether it’s mastering a new lifting technique or preparing for a competitive event, Blair is confident in her ability to continue growing, thanks to the continuous support and expertise provided the coaching staff at OTA.


Blair’s story vividly illustrates how personalized training and community support can lead to serious growth and change. Olde Town Athlete stands out not only as the best gym in Arvada but as a transformative space where members can achieve their highest potential. Her journey from a casual gym-goer to a role model for aspiring adults is a powerful affirmation of Olde Town Athlete’s commitment to nurturing personal and communal growth in fitness.